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Jibing is a Lifelong Journey

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Many people have asked, "how do I keep from burning out"? The simple answer is, continually change your course. Learn to understand when the time comes to focus on new directions that will keep your passion alive. As you mature in your career, your desire may shift. After all, you have spent a lifetime developing the gifts your creator has given you. That is if you were able to be one of the lucky ones who were able to identify your gift. The shift will come when the desire to teach becomes greater than the desire to learn, or when your passion for giving becomes greater than the desire to take. That is not to say that we ever should stop striving to learn. We just shift our focus. As Bob Buford, author of Half Time, states, we enter a realm of embracing God's calling on our life. In many cases, this is where life begins!

Being an avid sailor, I compare the change to a jibing maneuver in a sailboat. Sailors know that it is impossible to head directly into the wind. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to go straight downwind as well. As opposed to tacking from one direction to the next, when you head upwind, jibing is a downwind maneuver. It comes at a time that most sailors love. You are finally able to quit fighting the upwind battles. It is the process of letting the wind take you to a new destination where you simply shift from one direction to another. The reason I like to use this comparison is when you jibe you must first take up the line in the direction you want to head and ease off the line in the direction you are currently going. Eventually, you let go of one line, and all your efforts will focus on the new course. With every shift, a new scene appears on the horizon.

Never lose sight of why you have the gifts you do. Understand that most of your career, you are honing and sharpening your skills. In the end, what you have learned must be passed on to others. If not, then all your work, trials and successes will go to waste, and you may run aground!

Stuart J. Dalrymple

Certified Commercial Investment Member | Business Coach |Consultant

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