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Filling Vacancies in Downtown Searcy

Vacancies in downtown Searcy, AR are filling up!

107-109 W Arch was vacant for a couple years.

Dalrymple Commercial agent Greg Angel worked with both the seller and the east-side buyer, Lindsey Edwards, owner of Southern Roots Hair Salon previously located at 118 West Race St.

Lindsey said, "We opened yesterday [Monday 3/4] and love it! I'm super excited to be in the middle of all that's coming our way on the square. Greg is such a nice man. He made multiple trips downtown to check on us and served both parties really well."

Shortly after closing on the east-side, the west-side of the building received an offer. We can't release details just yet! Nonetheless, we are excited for what's coming and more than happy to help Lindsey & Southern Roots grow in their business!

John Baker Photography building sells in two parts in historic downtown Searcy, AR.

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