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Detours & Mentors 2

As promised I continue with Part 2. So where did this path lead me? When you find yourself at a conference with over 5,000 other coaches it can be quite difficult to make your way around and, honestly, figure out where you fit in. Oddly enough, through a commercial real estate conversation, I ran into the head of the coaching division of the John Maxwell Team, Christian Simpson. Christian is one of the world’s leading business coaches and is known internationally. He and I seemed to hit it off and became friends. He has helped me regain my passion of growth in business and in my personal life. It was at one of his sessions that I was given the opportunity to join the first Elite Mastermind Group launching in the US. (You will hear more about the term Mastermind later on.) My group consists of 7 people who have a seat at the table and the investment I have made to be a part of this group is a very healthy one. However, you will benefit from that knowledge I gain if you choose to latch on. These folks are from all backgrounds of business across the United States. We meet every three months at a summit meeting and via Zoom in between each summit. We challenge each other to achieve excellence & growth. We spend time working through issues that slow us down and affect our business. Anyone at any given time is available to help me with ideas, thoughts and direction. Most importantly, I am able to pour into them as well. It is through this practice that I have learned more about me than I have about them.

OKAY, COOL, SO WHAT? From the meetings and through our network, I have an abundance of information being delivered to me daily. Most of it is geared toward business, however, we sometimes get a little personal. We have all become really good friends and awesome business support partners. We have learned that to improve the business you must first improve the business owner. If you want to GET more, you must first GIVE more and you cannot Give what you do not HAVE. It is simple. If you improve your inner world your outer world will follow suit. To improve your inner world you must first become aware of the things that are holding you back. You simply cannot improve what you are not aware of.


Once you become aware of your strengths, weaknesses and passion, you can begin to design the world as you see it rather than fit into a world others have created for you. Through this blog, I want to help you find your passion and how it fits into your growth as a real estate professional and as an individual that gives back in order to gain. Together, let's crash into 2019 and make a statement. Better yet, let's keep on making one.

For now! Stuart DREIC

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