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Brain Enema

There is nothing like a brain enema!

No, I did not misspell “enemy”. Sometimes you must flush everything out of your brain and begin to unlearn some of the unhealthy habits that you acquired over time.

Meet David Carty. David is a boat builder from Anguilla. I met David in the Spring of 2018. David and I were together at a think tank together in Austin, Texas. In 2017, hurricanes Irma and Maria both ripped through his small island devastating everything including his boat building business. When David told his story, he said that he was there to get a brain enema. You see, David had lost everything. He had to unlearn his current state and relearn how to rebuild his business from scratch.

What David said stuck with me. I spend a lot of time programming my brain day to day in my business. Ultimately habits, good and bad, are set on autopilot. As business owners we become unaware of things we are doing that provide no value to our business. However, even worse is the fact that we are taking time away from being able to reinforce our careers with good habits.

So, I am in Europe giving myself a brain enema, and a much needed one. Now days I plan for a weekly time of reflection on what is going on. More importantly, every three months, I plan a session with people in my area of influence to make sure I am not learning or “picking back up” bad habits. This includes my family, which is most important. These times firmly have a place in my calendar. In fact, I have learned to plan a year in advance three months at a time.

David Carty will be in the mastermind group I will be leading this spring. I can’t wait to see what I will learn from him. BTW, David is up and running again providing jobs for his small island and food for his extended family.

For Now


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