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A Lesson From My Mentor

I don't usually write blogs this long, however, I want you to understand what can and may yet happen to you. Your CAPACITY can be strapped on you and you may not even be AWARE!


We are all aware of the limits of the universe. For example, filling a glass. When you pour liquid into a glass it will overflow when it’s reaches its capacity. The same goes true for all sorts of physical things. I’ll bet you can think of several. You probably have several physical capacity limits that come to mind as well. How fast you can run; how much weight you can lift; how high you can jump, and the list goes on. God made you that way. However, you are also a spiritual being in a physical body. Many of your physical attributes can be improved, however your body will eventually reach its capacity. Although you may have physical limits, God did not place a capacity on your ability to think. That’s right, you do not have a limit on your thought process. You only have a limit on how much TIME you allow yourself to think, and you and only you can place that limit upon yourself.


Our entire life is made up of people, ourselves included, placing lids on our capacity. In John Maxwell’s book, NO LIMITS, he talks about blowing the lid off your capacity. John talks about Growth Capacity and how it is your choice to decide how much you are going to grow. Our tendencies are to listen too much to others and not think for ourselves. When it comes to our own system of learning and growth, we sometimes allow the influence of others to place a lid on our capacity. More importantly, these false lids keep us from living the life God intended us to live. When you learn to “think for yourself”, as my dad always put it, then you begin to see the world in a totally different way. Many great people throughout the years came from troubled backgrounds but had the desire and thought process required to become successful and powerful entrepreneurs. When you begin to debunk what others have told you about your ability, then you will begin to live a life of happiness, wealth, prosperity, and peace of mind.


Where do some of these capacity lids come from? They may have been placed on you by your peers, your relatives, mom and dad, siblings, spouses, teachers, employers or even a Sunday school teacher. You may even have placed a lid on your own capacity. I want to tell you a story about a good friend of mine. Not only was he a good friend, but he became like a second father to me. I learned a lot from this man. His name is Bud Gillham.

From Left to Right: Greg Angel, Bud Gillham, and myself. We're hanging out and grilling burgers for customer appreciation lunch (Oct 2018).

At the time of this article, Bud is ninety-one years old. Bud grew up very poor. His mom passed away when he was only two years old. His dad made a living as a musician and traveled extensively leaving Bud to be passed around to a host of extended family. Growing up, he attended several schools throughout the state of Arkansas.

Bud remembers that when he was about five and was living with his aunt, his dad came home for a visit and the two went to town. By his recollection, it was the beginning of winter. His dad stopped by a clothing store in Beebe, Arkansas, called Powell’s Mercantile. Mr. Powell had been very successful and was a very influential man in his community. When Bud and his Dad entered the store, Bud immediately had his eye on a very nice winter coat. He told me that it had a big fur collar. And of course, it was much more than his dad could afford. However, Mr. Powell wanted him to have it and sold it to his dad at a bargain: three dollars. At the time three dollars was a lot of money. Mr. Powell made an impression on Bud when he offered to sell his dad the coat under the agreement that he would pay twenty-five cents per week. His dad agreed and Bud proudly paraded about in his new coat with the fur collar.

An interior shot of Powell's Mercantile shared by Beebe residents on a local social media group.

Bud was so excited when he returned home. He ran up to his aunt and told her, “I want to be just like Mr. Powell when I grow up”. Bud’s aunt quickly replied,

“Bud, you can’t be like Mr. Powell. Mr. Powell is a millionaire and you are poor”.

Unintentionally, Bud’s aunt could have placed a lid on his capacity. There were many more stories about Bud throughout the years. In fact, there are so many I may write a book about his success overcoming the odds. Bud ended up leading a very successful life as a real estate professional. He amassed nine offices in San Francisco in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He moved back to Arkansas in 1970 after selling out to his partners. And yes, Bud is a multi-millionaire today. You see,

Bud did not allow that capacity lid to stay in place.

He blew the lid off his capacity and led the life he chose, not the life someone else chose for him.

The only thing that keeps you from reaching your capacity is your way of thinking. You MUST begin to change the way you think. Early in his career Bud read the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Bud read it; I read it; and several others in my inner circle have read it. It has been around for about eighty years and is still the book I go back to when I need to alter my thought process. It is full of good information, but you must find time to THINK.

Spend time alone. Pray and meditate. Council with friends and professionals that want to build you up. RUN from those who want to tear you down. You need positive energy around you if you want to release yourself from the limits placed on your capacity. Make sure your calendar has plenty of white space built in it for thinking. Be intentional. With the right coach or mentor in place, your mind will take you to places you never thought possible. If you are reading this blog post you are probably pondering that big step. Hold on to your beliefs; your dreams; and your desires. Your capacity is UNLIMITED.

Up Next, begin to design your journey.

For Now


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