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How Reliable Is Walmart Delivery

Big Lots is closeout based. Some of their items are purchased in bulk from companies whose products are being discontinued. The rest of their “replenishable” inventory is marked up to get you to purchase it while you’re there. Walmart is your discount chain relying on heavy foot traffic to make up for slim profit margins. Ric Cumming Out of all of them Walmart is the least reliable.

I have checked in and seen that someone was pulling my items. Then the order is pulled and ready for delivery but it does not come. Afterv2 days I call and complain using the 800 number because the store never answers. They just cancel the order and you have to start all over. I find UPS to be less reliable. Problem is media (games, movies, CDs) often is shipped off to to some regional UPS warehouse with multiple orders in a single box, and the tracking will say delivered, when the actual store delivery is still several days away. 1 level 1 KarmaG12 · 6 yr. ago · edited 6 yr. ago Call the help line for the .com and ask.

How Reliable Is Walmart Delivery - Discount Place

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